Panda Calendar 2017!

February 23rd, 2017

Well, look at that – a whole year since my last post. And my new website still isn’t up. And then my blog got hacked, so I re-posted this in February 2017, but this post originally went up a few months before in December 2016. But you know what? Some things are a little more reliable, and by that I mean that the 2017 My Dog Panda calendar is here! Incredibly, for the fourth year in a row. Orders are currently flying out the door, and I wanted to include a little update here in case somebody randomly reads this blog, you know, once a year or so :)

My Dog Panda calendar 2017

My Dog Panda calendar 2017

My Dog Panda calendar 2017

Panda Calendar 2016!

December 14th, 2015

I am truly amazed to be posting about Panda calendars for the third year in a row! It’s really touching that Panda keeps friends and family smiling all year long with her photos and antics. Lucky for me, it means that I get to keep snapping pictures guilt-free.

My Dog Panda calendar 2016

For guaranteed grins on a monthly basis throughout 2016, feel free to indulge in a little gift-giving for yourself – and, if you’re stumped on gifts for the animal-lovers and welfare-activists in your life, this should do the trick!

My Dog Panda calendar 2016

If you’ve been a fan of Panda’s for a while, this year’s calendar will not disappoint. Running, smiling, office-helping… what a good girl she is. If it wasn’t for the Frontier Animal Society, she would have died before we even got to meet her. As happens all too frequently in their dedicated work, they saved her life with literally one or two days to spare. They richly deserve every bit of support that comes their way, and they will be receiving all profits from this calendar. Check out their Facebook page to see how much they truly care about their furry little wards, and remember to always adopt a rescue.

Panda says thank-you for your support, and please send carrots to help her prepare for next year’s rigorous photo shoots! Happy, happy 2016!

My Dog Panda calendar 2016

Finnegan’s has been hopping. As in, the parking situation has stretched out into distant fields kind of hopping. I’m happy for them – it’s great to see so many people coming to Hudson every weekend! More friends for Panda to make. This past visit, she got a nice little piece of fish – I’m not sure who enjoys going to the market more, at this point.

Since I fall hard for miniature anything, I brought home a little collection of antique bottles I purchased from several different vendors. They’re tiny. And I love them. Eleven bucks.

Girlfriday Blog - This Week at Finnegan's

(Beautiful wood dish is from Blisscraft & Brazen)

Bohème Hudson

June 30th, 2015

It’s been a little quiet on this blog of late, partly due to the usual ongoing careful management of health-related things but also, mostly, due to the percolation of a few projects. The first one being my NEW WEBSITE, which I am so excited about! It should be launching sometime within the next month (vague? Yep, but as a designer I have learned to grin and bear the persnickety, fickle nature of deadlines) and my integrator is currently working his magic on it. I can’t wait – long, LONG overdue.

The other project is one that I’ve been sitting on for quite some time. I loved the idea, and wanted to do something about it, but having a chronic illness that requires thoughtful diligence makes you hesitate. A lot. That being said, the thing about life (brace yourself, this is something you’ve only heard five zillion times) is that you kind of have to heed all those quote clichés once in a while and carpe the day, seize the damn diem, or what have you. So that’s what I’m doing.

I’m throwing a craft fair, here in Hudson, at the end of the summer. It’s called Bohème, and you are all invited – all eight of you who read my blog that is, and if you’re feeling kind, anybody with whom you share this information with.

Girlfriday Blog - Bohème Hudson

Am I afraid I’m going to blow it? Yes, yes I am. I can think of so many junctures at which I could screw this up. But it could also be wonderful – fun, and festive, and community-building, and fun, and indie-celebrating, and tasty, oh and also FUN. p.s. fun doesn’t look like fun once you’ve written it more than a few times.

Luckily for me, I have a very good friend and colleague who is helping me navigate the process. The growing pains are tough and the hours are long, but things are coming together and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m currently working on finalizing a venue, the application forms are up (makers, designers, food artisans, take note! The deadline is July 10th!), and I’m gathering up an accomplished jury to curate the heck out of this thing. In the immortal words of Wham! : If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

Summertime in Hudson is the best – our weekends are packed with visitors, barbecues, trips to Finnegan’s, shopping at 2 Barn Owls, snacks at Mikko’s, walks on the beach, and on it goes. People love coming here, and I want to share that love with as many as possible. I can’t think of a better way to accomplish this than by organizing a festive day of shopping, snacking and celebrating the talent of our independent Canadian makers and designers. I hope you join us :)

I can’t believe it’s June! After a pretty unforgiving winter, the warm breezes and blanket of green sure feel good. Finnegan’s has been going strong since May, but I got flattened by a tummy bug for almost a month so I had some catching up to do. Luckily this past Saturday was sunny and beautiful so we packed up Panda and headed out. Panda got some delicious salmon skin from the lovely kind folks who run the smoked fish/meat stall, and I found a pretty pair of earrings – sparkly, fresh tear drops to brighten up any day. Four bucks.

Girlfriday Blog - This Week at Finnegan's

This project is even closer to my heart than usual because it’s for my sweet husband Christian. Christian is an accomplished lighting technician who has worked in the film industry for years; he’s also a very talented handyman who has helped us transform every place we’ve ever lived in together. Put together his home improvement know-how with the predictable down-times of the cinema world, and it was only a matter of time before he started up a second business for himself. He’s currently completing his studies to obtain his RBQ number and has been working with local construction companies for the past year to sharpen his skills – so naturally I had to help out with a logo and a website.

Girlfriday Blog - Bonjour! Construction

Since we’ve got bilingual ground rules here in our Belle Province, he went with a friendly name that everybody understands and that emphasizes his approachability. Renovations are messy and patience-testing – yes indeedy, ask me all about it – but they don’t have to be scary and the process doesn’t have to be murky. We’ve encountered challenges with every single contractor we’ve ever hired and I’m sure that many people can relate, so hopefully Christian’s approach may present a refreshing change from the norm.

Christian just recently finished his first project for our friends Marie-Eve and Mike – Marie-Eve wrote a lovely blog post about it here – I love this project! Marie-Eve has impeccable taste as you probably already know. As usual, she’s inspired me to tackle more than a few of the neglected corners in our own abode. Congratulations honey, on your new business! Oh, and I have a kitchen for you to look at… it just happens to be very nearby. And a bathroom… and… xo

Winter Walk

December 11th, 2014

Girlfriday Blog - Winter Walk

If you live anywhere on the Eastern seaboard, right now your social media feeds are full of snow. IT SNOWED, people. In a big way. While I will always envy my city friends for various spontaneities and conveniences, the quiet beauty after a snowfall around our place is second to none. Also, it doesn’t take a week for snow removal to come. But I digress.

It’s also Panda’s moment. Her very favouritest. When your dog is the Scarface of snow, you go for walks. Many, many walks! This morning’s was particularly beautiful… Keep warm, keep safe, and enjoy the pretty.

Girlfriday Blog - Winter Walk

Girlfriday Blog - Winter Walk

Girlfriday Blog - Winter Walk

Girlfriday Blog - Winter Walk

Girlfriday Blog - Winter Walk

Photos by me and my hubby Christian.

Incredibly, last year’s fun little project wasn’t just a one-time thing. The evidence is right here in my office, in a box that arrived over the weekend. I’m so excited that Panda calendars have made it back for another year! The tradition continues: all profit will be donated to the shelter that saved Panda’s life. Without the tireless work of the Frontier Animal Society, our beloved Panda and hundreds of other sweet, furry little souls simply would not be here today. Their dedication and genuine concern for all those in their charge is truly heart-warming and very special.

Girlfriday blog - My Dog Panda 2015 Calendar

If you have a pet lover on your holiday gift list, this will provide them with a year’s worth of smiles and the knowledge that you have also contributed to a very fine organization. Or, if you’re in the mood to treat yo self, this is a fabulous opportunity to do so and give to a good cause to boot.

Panda would like to reassure you that many carrots were harmed in the production of this calendar. A special thank-you to my sweet Christian for taking these shop photos! Please help us sell out, which we almost did last year! You can purchase your very own Panda calendar here. Happy 2015!

Girlfriday blog - My Dog Panda 2015 Calendar

Oh My! Holiday Gift Guide

November 25th, 2014

The lovely Marisa from the washi tape heaven that is Omiyage kindly invited me to contribute my pick to the Oh My! Handmade Goodness gift guide for the holidays. Lucky for me, I was given the animal-themed category which was right up my alley. See my pick here and be sure to peruse the other categories for beautiful handmade ideas, they post a new one every week! Panda even gets a special mention – thank-you, Marisa :)

Speaking of Panda, a very special calendar is in production right now… expect an update soon!

Girlfriday Blog - Oh My! Handmade Gift Guide

What I Wish I Was Eating #1

November 13th, 2014

I don’t talk about it often around these parts, but I have a chronic illness. It’s a pretty crummy chronic illness, as far as chronic illnesses go. The compromises are frequent and endless, and my patience and determination are taxed on a daily basis.

One of the huge compromises I face daily is reflected in my relationship with food. For the past two years, I’ve had to limit my diet to a handful of ingredients in order to help my body manage a massive and punishing flare. I’ve been able to stabilize somewhat but I haven’t had the freedom to expand on my diet very much – I’m still walking a very tight rope.

I had originally planned a very rose-coloured series where as I got healthier, I would illustrate the foods I was welcoming back into my life with open arms; but as the months went by I realized that this wasn’t happening freely or even regularly, as I had hoped. Putting that project on the back burner was yet another reminder that chronic illness can throw a wrench into the best laid of plans. So when my friend Anisa suggested that I just flip it around and illustrate the foods I COULDN’T eat (thanks Anisa!), I thought – why the tarnation not? And then my friend Belinda encouraged me to post about it (thanks Belinda!). p.s. Wow, I have a lot of friends with pretty names.

So anyway, here is my first entry in what I hope will become a fun and cathartic series. I’m starting small.

Girlfriday Blog - What I Wish I Was Eating #1