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October 23rd, 2014

Last Saturday’s torrential downpour put a damper on our weekly Finnegan’s outing so we decided to tackle my art wall project. There’s a big blank wall in my office that I had destined to become a mini art gallery – three years after moving in, I’d finally collected a sufficient amount of pieces to at least fill a good part of it. I started by arranging everything on the floor in our living room. Christian measured the wall I wanted to cover and marked out the width and height with tape on the floor, and we noted where the light switch, dog food (not shown ;) and filing cabinet were positioned along that wall.

Girlfriday blog - art wall

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out – it’s a fun collection of artwork, prints and photographs. There’s a lot more wall left to fill so I have years of satisfying flea market foraging ahead of me…

Girlfriday blog - art wall

I’m so lucky to have original artwork and prints by both friends and family, and some antique pieces handed down to us from Christian’s lovely mom – they do a nice job of balancing the more random items that had caught my eye at Finnegan’s. Looking forward to filling in the gaps over the next few years. Thank-you to Christian for the photographs! <3

Girlfriday blog - art wall


  1. Bronwyn says:

    Well this is just lovely! Good job!

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