Panda Calendar 2016!

December 14th, 2015

I am truly amazed to be posting about Panda calendars for the third year in a row! It’s really touching that Panda keeps friends and family smiling all year long with her photos and antics. Lucky for me, it means that I get to keep snapping pictures guilt-free.

My Dog Panda calendar 2016

For guaranteed grins on a monthly basis throughout 2016, feel free to indulge in a little gift-giving for yourself – and, if you’re stumped on gifts for the animal-lovers and welfare-activists in your life, this should do the trick!

My Dog Panda calendar 2016

If you’ve been a fan of Panda’s for a while, this year’s calendar will not disappoint. Running, smiling, office-helping… what a good girl she is. If it wasn’t for the Frontier Animal Society, she would have died before we even got to meet her. As happens all too frequently in their dedicated work, they saved her life with literally one or two days to spare. They richly deserve every bit of support that comes their way, and they will be receiving all profits from this calendar. Check out their Facebook page to see how much they truly care about their furry little wards, and remember to always adopt a rescue.

Panda says thank-you for your support, and please send carrots to help her prepare for next year’s rigorous photo shoots! Happy, happy 2016!

My Dog Panda calendar 2016


  1. Louise Longpré says:

    Hello Anile,

    This year, I won’t miss the boat. I was waiting for the calendar to send my donation, but I guess it was the other way around.

    I can mail you a cheque, a Paypal payment. Just let me know what do you prefer and how much it is. I will also spread the news to my Facebook friends. We never knoe, they might fall in love with cutty Panda -:)

    • Girlfriday says:

      Loulou! I’m so pleased you would like a calendar! I’ll send a link to the Etsy shop so you can order. Thanks so much!! :) xoxo

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