Bohème Hudson

June 30th, 2015

It’s been a little quiet on this blog of late, partly due to the usual ongoing careful management of health-related things but also, mostly, due to the percolation of a few projects. The first one being my NEW WEBSITE, which I am so excited about! It should be launching sometime within the next month (vague? Yep, but as a designer I have learned to grin and bear the persnickety, fickle nature of deadlines) and my integrator is currently working his magic on it. I can’t wait – long, LONG overdue.

The other project is one that I’ve been sitting on for quite some time. I loved the idea, and wanted to do something about it, but having a chronic illness that requires thoughtful diligence makes you hesitate. A lot. That being said, the thing about life (brace yourself, this is something you’ve only heard five zillion times) is that you kind of have to heed all those quote clichés once in a while and carpe the day, seize the damn diem, or what have you. So that’s what I’m doing.

I’m throwing a craft fair, here in Hudson, at the end of the summer. It’s called Bohème, and you are all invited – all eight of you who read my blog that is, and if you’re feeling kind, anybody with whom you share this information with.

Girlfriday Blog - Bohème Hudson

Am I afraid I’m going to blow it? Yes, yes I am. I can think of so many junctures at which I could screw this up. But it could also be wonderful – fun, and festive, and community-building, and fun, and indie-celebrating, and tasty, oh and also FUN. p.s. fun doesn’t look like fun once you’ve written it more than a few times.

Luckily for me, I have a very good friend and colleague who is helping me navigate the process. The growing pains are tough and the hours are long, but things are coming together and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m currently working on finalizing a venue, the application forms are up (makers, designers, food artisans, take note! The deadline is July 10th!), and I’m gathering up an accomplished jury to curate the heck out of this thing. In the immortal words of Wham! : If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

Summertime in Hudson is the best – our weekends are packed with visitors, barbecues, trips to Finnegan’s, shopping at 2 Barn Owls, snacks at Mikko’s, walks on the beach, and on it goes. People love coming here, and I want to share that love with as many as possible. I can’t think of a better way to accomplish this than by organizing a festive day of shopping, snacking and celebrating the talent of our independent Canadian makers and designers. I hope you join us :)

I can’t believe it’s June! After a pretty unforgiving winter, the warm breezes and blanket of green sure feel good. Finnegan’s has been going strong since May, but I got flattened by a tummy bug for almost a month so I had some catching up to do. Luckily this past Saturday was sunny and beautiful so we packed up Panda and headed out. Panda got some delicious salmon skin from the lovely kind folks who run the smoked fish/meat stall, and I found a pretty pair of earrings – sparkly, fresh tear drops to brighten up any day. Four bucks.

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