This project is even closer to my heart than usual because it’s for my sweet husband Christian. Christian is an accomplished lighting technician who has worked in the film industry for years; he’s also a very talented handyman who has helped us transform every place we’ve ever lived in together. Put together his home improvement¬†know-how with the predictable down-times of the cinema world, and it was only a matter of time before he started up a second business for himself. He’s currently completing his studies to obtain his RBQ number and has been working with local construction companies for the past year to sharpen his skills – so naturally I had to help out with a logo and a website.

Girlfriday Blog - Bonjour! Construction

Since we’ve got bilingual ground rules here in our Belle Province, he went with a friendly name that everybody understands and that emphasizes his approachability. Renovations are messy and patience-testing – yes indeedy, ask me all about it – but they don’t have to be scary and the process doesn’t have to be murky. We’ve encountered challenges with every single contractor we’ve ever hired and I’m sure that many people can relate, so hopefully Christian’s approach may present a refreshing change from the norm.

Christian just recently finished his first project for our friends Marie-Eve and Mike – Marie-Eve wrote a lovely blog post about it here – I love this project! Marie-Eve has impeccable taste as you probably already know. As usual, she’s inspired me to tackle more than a few of the neglected corners in our own abode. Congratulations honey, on your new business! Oh, and I have a kitchen for you to look at… it just happens to be very nearby. And a bathroom… and… xo


  1. Emeline says:

    Oh that looks so good!!! And the website is really cute
    Congrats on new beginnings and can I say that I’m selfishly happy to have a contractor nearby to recommend!!

    • Girlfriday says:

      Thank-you so much Emeline!! That means a lot coming from a talented gal such as yourself – and I’m glad you now have a contractor to recommend, too ;) Enjoy your first farmhouse Christmas :) xo

  2. Jessey says:

    And so far, as Christian works on project #2 at my place, I am pleased as punch. We already knew he’d be super friendly and easygoing – but he’s also a hard worker and super professional. Plus, he shares my money-saving ethos – a rare quality in a contractor!

    • Girlfriday says:

      Jessey, that is wonderful to hear! And yes, he definitely is not a fan of over-spending – glad this is a business where that is seen as a plus, haha :) Thanks so much for the kind words! Hugs xox

  3. Christian says:

    I am so lucky to be married to the best designer in the world! Thank you for the beautiful logo and website baby!

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