Happiness Is…

August 10th, 2012

Other people’s garbage. Guess what we came across as Panda and I strolled through the rain earlier this afternoon – a stack of trimmed hydrangea branches waiting for the compost pile. Hello, free bouquet of flowers! There’s not much I enjoy more than fresh flowers, so when they’re free to boot… yes. I may have to go back to the pile and get some more. Thank-you neighbour! Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Happiness Is... Other people's garbage


  1. Happiness is… reading your “Happiness is…” posts every Friday :)

  2. What a lovely thing to have happen!!! xox!

  3. Paule says:

    Why did they cut them in the first place anyways!?!? Is my question… But I am sure they make you more happy then they would them. :)

    • Girlfriday says:

      Ha yes that is a good question! At least, bring them into the house so you can continue to enjoy them. Ah well as you said, lucky me :) They are still going strong here, three vases full! xo

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