Crankiness Is…

August 30th, 2012

See what I did there?

Actually I’m not cranky anymore. But the past several days have been a little trying. Of course, it’s all because Christian was out of town – nothing like a change in your schedule for things to suddenly go wrong. And then, just like that, a bunch of good things happen and everything turns around. Funny, that.

Crankiness Is...

Last week:
I lose my medicare card. Generally not a big deal, but for someone who regularly visits doctors and pharmacists, it’s kind of a problem. I’m pretty sure I lost it while walking along a trail in Hudson (I’m thinking it fell out of my bag when I pulled out the camera) so I go to city hall to see if anyone has brought it in but no such luck. They give me the phone number of the trail maintenance crew and suggest I wait a few days and then call them.

Power failure. Last time Christian was away, we filled up the fridge with tons of food for me and then we had a 21-hour power failure that forced me to throw everything out. Luckily this one only lasts 2 hours but I spend every second thinking about all the food in the fridge.

When the power comes back on, I take Panda for a walk and come home to what looks like the hot water tank leaking (which would have been another kind of disaster). There’s a huge spill on the floor… oh wait… is it MOVING? ANTS. A CARPET OF ANTS ON MY FLOOR. COMING FROM THE CLOSET. I get the vacuum and spend the rest of the afternoon, evening and night vaccuuming anything coming out of the gap in the closet floor every five minutes. I’m afraid to stop and go to bed. Luckily the army stops its onslaught sometime around midnight, and when I come back down again around 6am, there’s a manageable little gang of them waiting to get sucked up.

Exterminators arrive in the morning. Tell me it’s the best case scenario, that they’ve seen way worse, that there are worse ants to have. That it’s good I called them because if we deal with it now it won’t become an epidemic that would send us to a hotel. Well that’s good. It’s time to spray the house. Do I have somewhere I can go for four hours? Hmm… I pack up some water for Panda, put Blue in the back yard with her water bowl, and off we go on foot to wander around Hudson for 4 hours. Did I mention it was 36 degrees Celsius with the humidex? And that we were out during the hottest four hours of the day? I try to make the best of it so we walk down to the beach, sit in the shade and watch kids and dogs play in the very low, very soupy lake water. We sit there way past the boredom stage, then I finally give in and let Panda sploosh around for five minutes. Then it’s off to cool down at the drugstore, thank goodness Panda is welcome there. I slowly examine every item I can. Another stop at the health food store, then the hardware store, then it’s time for the half-hour walk home. The house stinks to high heaven of cooked cabbage – that’s what the anti-ant chemical smells like. It’s 36 degrees, I’m blistered and slightly heat-stroked, I’ve just spent several hundred bucks on a bunch of ants and my house smells like cooked-to-death cabbage. I realize I’ve forgotten to eat today. I feel entitled to a little wallowing.

Those five minutes I allowed Panda to sploosh in lake water? Deadly. She has bad hotspots on her lower tummy and back legs. If you don’t know what a hotspot is, it’s a very itchy rash that quickly spreads and becomes raw and very angry as your dog tries to lick away the discomfort and takes away all their fur in the process. It’s so awful. Poor Panda. No more lake water in the summertime. I make an appointment for the vet, briefly consider driving her myself before ruling it out (I’ve only got my learner’s permit) and make arrangements with the local cab company to pick us up. Panda gets antibiotics, anti-itch steroids and tons of cookies. A few hundred dollars later, we are back home in our cabbage-stinking house. Feeling pretty defeated at this point but there’s a little glimmer of hope: Panda has lost 7 pounds! Way to go Fuzzbucket.

My medicare card arrives in the mail! Some kind thoughtful person found it and dropped it in a mailbox. Then the nice folks at the post office mailed it to me with a little note. Such a relief. My dear friend Marie-Eve comes by for a visit and I get to hold baby Theo. I try a new recipe for lunch and it’s delicious. Well well well. The tide has turned. Ants are gone, Panda is feeling better, my medicare card came home, and the smell is fading… a bit.

So – how was your week?

Happiness Is…

August 19th, 2012

A birthday party! It’s my lovely Mum’s birthday on Tuesday so my dear sister and sis-in-law came in from Ottawa yesterday and we had ourselves a little walk, a little lunch and a lot of dessert. I made Aran’s trifle with strawberries and peaches and it was deelish. Happy birthday dear Mum, I love you! Have a great week everyone!

Happiness Is... a birthday party

Happiness Is…

August 10th, 2012

Other people’s garbage. Guess what we came across as Panda and I strolled through the rain earlier this afternoon – a stack of trimmed hydrangea branches waiting for the compost pile. Hello, free bouquet of flowers! There’s not much I enjoy more than fresh flowers, so when they’re free to boot… yes. I may have to go back to the pile and get some more. Thank-you neighbour! Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Happiness Is... Other people's garbage