Fresh Work: Pretzel & Compagnie

photo courtesy of: Pretzel & Compagnie

Bronwyn and Andreas are two of the hardest-working people you might meet. They run a bakery, have adorable twin toddler boys and are in the process of taking over Montreal and beyond with their gorgeous, authentic pretzels. When Bronwyn contacted me about their pretzel business I was really excited to help them out – not only had they given much time and thought to their plans, but they were revving up for an appearance at the Montreal Beer Festival and Bronwyn was determined to make it all come together with a unified identity.

It started with a fresh new name and took off from there. We chatted and brainstormed together and it was great – I’m so lucky to have clients with impeccable taste. We wanted to avoid any typical pretzel visual traps and steer away from anything that felt too traditional. Bronwyn was inspired by modern design with a touch of vintage and nostalgia, so we developed a round crest/stamp with a minimalist pretzel icon, clean typography and a textured background reminiscent of old-world bistro blackboards.

Fresh Work: Pretzel & Compagnie

I got a little carried away thinking of all the possibilities – I couldn’t help myself. Can’t you just imagine the wax paper, stickers, pretzel boxes, napkins…? So much fun.

Fresh Work: Pretzel & Compagnie

Snack-lovers: be sure to drop by, say hello and try a pretzel or three – there’s nothing like enjoying some delicious treats AND supporting a local business. Bronwyn and Andreas, I can’t wait to see where you go with this – I know you are destined for home-baked greatness! Thanks again, I’m looking forward to our next delicious project together :)


  1. Rachel says:

    Oooooohhhh it’s s gorgeous! You did an amazing job! And I can totally imagine the endless gorgeous packaging possibilities !

  2. Tiffany says:

    You did a great job with this logo, Anile! I love th feel and all the application ideas!

  3. Dot and Lil says:

    It’s GORGEOUS! Really, what a lovely logo.

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