Happiness Is…

March 30th, 2012

Sharing projects, both old and new. On Monday I got to share the process of Volume 2’s cover design on Pure Green Magazine’s blog – the issue is almost here! We’re all so excited about it. Get your limited time special subscription offer here. Then last night I received House & Home’s newsletter and I clicked on an item that caught my interest: Suzanne Dimma’s Best Organizing Secrets. Much to my delight, as I scrolled through the images I came upon a photo of our previous bathroom! So pleased that it’s still making the rounds – man do I miss that bathtub. I’ve never really posted about our old place (we were lucky enough to have the honour of Lake Jane and Design*Sponge do some of it for us) so I think I might do a little tribute to it next week. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Happiness Is... sharing projects

Happiness Is…

March 23rd, 2012

Homemade apple crisp. Delicious, sweet, crispy-crunchy crust… tender, thick, warm apple filling… comfort in a bowl. Recipe here – replace berries with any fruit you like/whatever’s in season. I like to include the juice of half a lemon to the fruit mixture, adds a nice brightness. Gluten-free flour works a treat. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Happiness Is... homemade apple crisp

Sketch of the week

March 22nd, 2012

After a few weeks of hectic deadlines, sketch of the week is back! There is definitely a bit of a nature theme happening so far, but I’m just going wherever it takes me :)

This week: 2H pencil, 1.5 hours, cyclamen flower.

Sketch of the week: cyclamen flower

Spring: Day One

March 20th, 2012

It’s the first day of spring, but it’s sure been feeling a lot like summer around here. Apparently we’re in for a few more days of extra-warm temps before they drop back down to normal. I’m no fool (I was born during a massive snowstorm in April) so I know better than to get used to it, but in the meantime we’ve been taking advantage…

Spring walk in Hudson

To celebrate the first day of spring, we took a long walk down one of our beloved Hudson trails. We were a little startled that it was warm enough for short sleeves – but it sure felt good. Later, we’ll be barbecuing some burgers and perhaps whipping up a margarita or three.

Years ago a dear friend of mine introduced me to the tradition of Persian New Year – I couldn’t agree more that the new year should begin on the first day of spring! So much more appropriate than during the freezing, dark days of January, no? Happy Norooz! Hope you all do a little celebrating today.

Spring walk in Hudson

Happiness Is…

March 18th, 2012

A little – no, make that a LOT – of sunshine. 23 degrees and sunny! In mid-March! Granted, it’s pretty weird, but nobody’s complaining. I won’t wish you a happy weekend since my post is a bit late this week, so… happy Sunday evening!

Happiness Is... a little sunshine

Exploring the ethics of Pinterest

Image used with permission from Oh My! Handmade Goodness

Pure Green Magazine has been keeping me very busy this week (volume 2 is almost here!! Can’t wait to share the gorgeous content with you) but today I’ll be taking a little break to chat it up online with the lovely community of Oh My! Handmade Goodness. I met the lovely Jessika on Twitter (where else ;) and we have become fast friends. She is a super creative, community-minded gal who works tirelessly to connect people, encourage dialogue about issues that concern creatives and small business owners, and share her expertise.

This month, the theme over at OMHG is ethics – check out this amazing post by Jessika, here. She graciously invited me to share my Pinterest post (which I have since updated) and I was happy to oblige! It’s been really great to keep the discussion going and share it with others. Every Thursday, OMHG has a real-time online chat from 1-2pm EST (follow along with the Twitter hashtag, #omhg) and I am honoured to be co-hosting the chat with Jessika today. Do join us, would love to see you there!

Happiness Is…

March 9th, 2012

A little pick-me-up. I haven’t been feeling too well, so my sweet honeybunches brought these home to cheer me up. Every time I look at them, I feel a little better! Have a lovely weekend everybody!!

Happiness Is... a little pick-me-up

Happiness Is…

March 2nd, 2012

Funny fur faces. Panda has a trigger where if you scratch the side of her face, she yawns/snarls. At first I thought she was actually upset but as it turns out it’s just some kind of reflex. It’s the only time you’ll ever see a snarl on Panda ;) Also – look how she made it onto the bed again. I don’t know how that happened *looks at floor sheepishly*. Maybe one day I’ll make it through an entire week without posting about Ms. Fuzzbucket (newest nickname). Happy Friday, everybody!

Making faces from The Panda Channel on Vimeo.

Sketch of the week

March 1st, 2012

This week’s post: 2H pencil, 1.5 hours, cyclamen leaf.

Sketch of the week: cyclamen leaf