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December 14th, 2011

Last weekend was a busy one – visits with family, visits with friends, errands, and a few spectacular craft shows: Puces Pop and Souk@SAT.

After exchanging some Christmas cookies and helping my mom get her Christmas tree, then grabbing a little brunch at L’Avenue, we headed over to Puces Pop to visit my dear friend Bess at her English Muffin kiosk. It was, as usual, a bit of a mad fun-house and it was great to see that things was humming! Her prints and gorgeous calendar were out for all to see and she had even made a special little spot on her table for the first printed issue of Pure Green Magazine. Unfortunately, we were running short on time and I also wanted to pay a visit to my dear friend Rachel who was working over at Souk, so we weren’t able to do the full Puces Pop tour I’m accustomed to. (If I had known that Souk was open until 9pm, we definitely would have lingered for longer – something to keep in mind for next time.)

It was my first time at Souk@SAT, although not for lack of trying in the past. We arrived after nightfall and it was lovely – from the warm moody lighting and identical display tables that were grouped by theme to the smooth check-out, it felt like a carefully thought out, well-oiled machine. Since I last mentioned Rachel and her fabulous jewellery studio Brazen Design, she’s been really busy. She partnered up with her real-life partner Aaron and together they set up a totally new studio called Blisscraft&Brazen. Talent runs deep in that family! Their table was beautiful – we scooped up some gorgeous salad servers and a perfect shallow little salt dish. We had to hold ourselves back from the beautiful jewellery, tealight holders, bookmarks, necklace trees and holiday ornaments… gotta leave something for next time! To see a full set of Souk photos, check out the lovely and talented Rosy Outlook’s great collection here.

We wandered around the tables, admiring all the work and sampling delicious wares (hello, chocolate-orange-infused caramel!) and stumbled upon what was definitely my most memorable find of the day: Kimberly Fletcher. I spent a full 15 minutes oohing and aahing over her gorgeous work before I realized that money wasn’t going to fall out of the ceiling and allow me to buy everything on her table. Kimberly explained that she had recently struck out on her own after working for other designers for years – and with good reason. I loved every piece, but was particularly smitten with her mini messenger bag and her leather-and-canvas bag from her summer collection. I’m hoping I can save up for one of my own someday. Truly beautiful work, Kimberly!

Kimberly Fletcher

Kimberly Fletcher - mini messenger bag

I wish that was my hand… sigh.




  1. It was lovely to see you guys at Puces Pop! I wish I could have been in two places at once, Souk@Sat looks amazzzzzing!

    • Girlfriday says:

      It was so great to see you too – I wish we could have stayed longer! You would have loved Souk – we’ll go next year, with baby!! xo

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