Happiness Is…

September 30th, 2011

Being reunited with my beloved after a long five weeks apart. Welcome home, my little piranha fish! I love you. Happy weekend, everybody!

Happiness Is...

I first met Roseanne Harvey (It’s All Yoga, Baby) at a Montreal Girl Geeks Dinner. Back when I still lived in Montreal, I always made an effort to attend the Montreal Girl Geek events – partly because my dear friend Tanya McGinnity founded the group, and partly, as a huge added bonus, because they were so much fun. I always learned something new and enjoyed re-connecting with friends and colleagues – and making new ones. On this particular evening, Roseanne was giving a talk called The Yoga of Blogging. Being a perennial yoga beginner (always starting, then stopping, then starting up again) and knowing that I needed to hop on the blog wagon, I was looking forward to Roseanne’s insights.

Roseanne spoke about how blogging had become as much a part of her spiritual practice as her yoga. That the resulting sense of community and connection were treasured rewards. It was an educational and entertaining evening, all the way down to a somewhat uncharacteristically feisty few minutes (mine) where I let loose on a heckler who had been rudely talking over Roseanne’s presentation the entire time. He decided to continue to make his mark during the question period with some deliberate, baited “questions” that weren’t posed for any reason other than to shake things up (this became clear when he wasn’t very interested in Roseanne’s measured, diplomatic response). To my surprise, my mouth opened and I proceeded to step forward and give my opinion. It was strangely exhilarating to tell someone exactly what I was thinking (all the while making valid points and without being rude or demeaning). I suspect this was partly because, in my every-day life, I was experiencing some pretty unrelenting and unwarranted harassment I couldn’t do anything about… but that’s a whole other story… anyhoo. Once the presentation was over and my feist had wisped itself away, I gazed sheepishly at my toes – and was surprised to receive more than a few “thank-yous” and thwacks on the back from fellow attendees. While I don’t recommend making a (small) scene anywhere, it was definitely a memorable evening, for many reasons ;)

It's All Yoga, Baby logo design by Girlfriday

Fast-forward many months: Roseanne got in touch with me because she wanted to brand up her blog – and I was delighted at the opportunity to work with her! Roseanne is sweet and funny but also smart as a whip and a seasoned social media user, so when she told me she knew exactly what she wanted I knew this would be fun. Some of the key words that surfaced during our moodboard discussions were… starburst… yarn… playful… enthusiasm… strong… handmade…hot pink… Le Petit Prince… Eclectic? Perhaps. Personal, unique and impactful? Definitely. Magically, on a tight deadline, it all came together.

It's All Yoga, Baby logo design by Girlfriday

Thank-you Roseanne, I hope you continue to enjoy your new look! Looking forward to our next project together :)

Happiness Is…

September 23rd, 2011

Making the most of one of the last, beautiful days of summer. Beach, check. Ball, check. Insanely happy sandy-nosed Panda, check! Happy Friday, and happy first day of fall!

Panda at the beach

Happiness Is…

September 16th, 2011

A lime curd tart with wild blueberries for my Mum’s birthday. Recipe here. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

Happiness Is a Lime Curd Tart

Photo: Anile Prakash

No news is… no news

September 7th, 2011

It’s been five long weeks and Slinky is still missing. I’ve been holding out, hoping that my next blog post would be a warm and fuzzy reunion story… but no such luck. It’s been really painful to realize that I’m “getting used to” her not being here along with all of the usual daily routines that come along with that. Slinky was a very active part of our household (as you can see, she even supervised our renovations) and after ten years of companionship it’s very hard to adjust to life without her.

Slinky the Cat is still lost

I’ve been truly floored by the kindness of strangers – perhaps it’s because we’ve encountered some pretty unkind strangers in the past, but I’ve been moved to tears by how friendly and helpful people have been. From neighbours asking if Slinky is back and making suggestions about where to put up posters to strangers calling at one in the morning (actually that scared me pretty bad, but the person phoning was so sure he had just seen Slinky that it was easy to forgive him), I’m eternally grateful to one and all. I’ve appreciated all the thoughtful and sympathetic shelter and vet staff I’ve interacted with over the past several weeks, I even made a new friend at the local paper when I called to place an ad.

Friends have also shared some pretty insane (and somewhat comforting) cat-came-back stories… returning after weeks, months, even over a year! Slinky, please don’t take that long, I don’t know if I could bear worrying about you all winter. As it is, every time it storms at night (and it has a lot, lately) I cringe and hope so desperately that you have found yourself a kind, temporary family that is feeding you and letting you indoors at night. I glance out the windows all day, and every black shadow I see makes me stare intently – until I realize it’s a squirrel. Every night I flick on the backyard lights in case you show up at the door, and I hesitate to close the bedroom windows when I go to bed in case I won’t hear you meowing to be let in. I’ve paved the way. Slinky come home.

It’s time to get back on track with this barely-existent blog routine of mine so I’m just going to post a little icon in the sidebar to remind everyone to keep their eyes peeled for a sweet little black cat who loves to trill-talk and snuggle up with her family every night – we miss her so, so much, and we’re still holding onto the hope that she’ll come home. I’m not giving up. Thank-you so much for all the help, advice, anecdotal stories, shared experiences and support. It’s helped a lot.