Slinky Come Home

August 9th, 2011

Slinky the Cat

I’d been happily preparing to write a post about our new place and our new neighbourhood – there is so much to share, and we’re loving it all so much! But I’ve been putting it off due to a furry little friend that has been painfully absent from our daily lives. Slinky the cat has up and gone on an adventure – or at least, that’s what we’re hoping. We’ve lived here for about a month, she’s settled in really well and she’s been gone overnight before, so we’re pretty sure it’s not a case of cat-freaked-out-from-new-surroundings, and more a case of exploratory enthusiasm… but it’s been six days. She’s never not come home for breakfast.

It’s been many breakfasts. And dinners.

I’m worried that she followed a few too many field mice and has found herself somewhere too far from home – there are little wooded areas all over the place and she could be camped out in any one of them. Thankfully Hudson is peppered with little fresh water streams so she won’t have hydration issues; there are houses/shelter within close reach, and hopefully food won’t be too hard to come by, either.

Slinky the Cat

We’ve been out calling up and down our winding streets several times a day, every day – we’ve told neighbours, emailed shelters, phoned vets… my printer is noisily printing up a fresh batch of posters as we speak and we’re off to do some more blitzing. I am anxiously channeling the hopeful and perseverant spirit of Dan and John Spencer, who were happily reunited after almost 2 months. I’ve been reassured by friends who have some pretty crazy cat disappearance stories and I’m hoping that Slinky will follow her stomach and low-snuggle-quota all the way back home again… but every day a cloud settles deeper over this house. We’re all feeling it.

Slinky, it’s so hard to go to bed without you trying to squish up against me and send me to sleep with your purrs, and it’s so sad to wake up without you staring me in the face, patiently waiting for breakfast. I miss your trill-hellos every time you walk into a room and your daily visits to my lap as I work. Please come home, we miss you so much.

Slinky come home