July 13th, 2011

It’s been months since my last post! Not that I have any more readers than would fill a small room, but I do acknowledge it’s been a while. Things have been – well, a little hairier than usual. Between my poor hubby’s slow recovery from a broken wrist (that required surgery and two metal plates) and the obligation to sell our apartment in order to live a peaceful and normal life (not all neighbours are good neighbours, Mr. Rogers), I’ve had my hands full.

Aside from the hairiness though, Girlfriday’s been busy as all heck, both at work and at home! Let’s start with some home updates. First, a Panda mention (because it’s always all about Panda around here). Our sweet shelter rescue doggie is doing great! She has integrated fully and completely into our lives – she leaves the cats alone, although not for lack of trying to be friends. She likes to snuggle, chase her ball, wrestle on the carpet, and play with other (nice) doggies. She is a huge, fluffy, soft, whiskered ball of friendliness and love. Awwww.


Next – the last big reno for our apartment: the bathroom! Almost a year ago, we were faced with some serious plumbing issues that left us with no choice but a full gut and renovation. So we decided to make the best of it and put two years of dreaming and ideas into action. Think: separate shower with steampunk-y hardware, marble tiles, antique vanity, reclaimed wood shelves, and a dream bathtub. Oh, that bathtub…

Bathroom before and after

Don't you just love a good before and after?!

I was absolutely thrilled to have our bathroom featured on Lake Jane – I always have at least one fangirl moment (or three) when I see our reno work on Marie-Ève’s fabulous blog. We are so proud of that bathroom!! It was very hard to say goodbye – I took one last bath at 1 am the night before we moved out, just a few short weeks ago.


Sadly there is no room in our new place for a separate shower and dream bathtub, and our budget is much tighter this time around, so we’ll be renovating our recently acquired worn-out on-the-smaller-side 80s bathroom a little less dramatically – but no less proudly. Whenever we get around to it (hopefully sooner rather than later), we will be sure to share the results.

Work and moving updates still to come!