I’ll admit it, I’m a real sucker for the impeccably styled photography that saturates my favourite magazines and, in particular, my favourite blogs for the last several years. Absolutely gorgeous food, china, flowers, fields, furniture… perfectly vignetted, devoid of life’s imperfections. These impossibly flawless scenarios are enough to give a girl an insecurity complex. Still, I eat it up and want more – I have such admiration for stylists and photographers who create such beautiful work together.

And yet, this photo series struck a real chord – Rachel Bee Porter‘s The Joy of Cooking series flings perfection right out the window and onto the floor. If only my own butterfinger moments looked so beautiful. Perhaps, in some way, they do!

Rachel Bee Porter's The Joy of Cooking

All photos: Rachel Bee Porter

Rachel says: “Having grown up reading a multitude of home and lifestyle magazines, my work confronts the expectations that developed from buying into the carefully constructed photographic fantasies of the pristine and perfect domestic life. By appropriating the lush, brightly colored imagery of magazines and perverting it, I explore the aftermath of unfulfilled expectations that were bolstered through tips, tricks, how-tos, and eye-catching photographs.

This disillusionment manifests itself in a playful, yet irreverent defiance. I subvert the delicately crafted trompe l’oeils found in commercial and editorial photography by corrupting domestic strategies. I utilize the skills I learned to bake elaborate desserts, which I then destroy and photograph the aftermath. Through the intermingling of creation and destruction, I explore the reality beyond the glossy varnish.”

Rachel Bee Porter's The Joy of Cooking

Rachel Bee Porter's The Joy of Cooking

Simply beautiful – and a reminder to see the elegance in everything. To see more of Rachel’s striking work, visit her website!

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  1. In my experience, design accidents tend to be the most gorgeous as they result in the most fluid, natural and organic looks. These are flawless.

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