Girlfriday’s Got Game

October 25th, 2010

I’ve been running my humble little outfit for a few years now, and loving the experience so far – the people I’ve encountered, the projects I’ve worked on, the ideas I’ve slowly been hatching along the way. I’ve learned so much and I keep striving to make the experience at Girlfriday as easy and fun as possible – with the hope that I am also sharing valuable advice and helpful suggestions in the process! Often I have found myself longing to share a discovery, or a project… at which point friends who are all smarter than me have interjected with “BLOG! BLOG! BLOG!”

In addition to sharing projects and passions, I also feel that it would be handy to post helpful, accessible information for my clients. Besides the fact that I often find myself applying the same bits of advice for different situations, it can be mystifying for someone to jump into a project without any idea as to how it will unfold: the various steps and delays to consider, what to provide, how to save a few bucks along the way. I am definitely the type to do a lot of research before throwing myself into something new; in that spirit, the plan is for my Client Companion posts to help clients (mine or otherwise) prepare themselves for the adventure ahead.

My hope is that The Girlfriday Blog will become a pleasing mix of all of these things – as well as a sounding board for ideas, a place to connect and a few extra little gems here and there thrown in for fun (also, the occasional cat video is not off limits. Girlfriday house rules.)

I’m rather unfashionably late to the party, but when I think of the sweet, creative and talented friends who are already blogging out there – I know that I am following in the footsteps of an inspiring group of people.